Mysoline (Primidone)
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Product description: Mysoline is an anti-epileptic drug which is used to treat and control seizures by decreasing the excitability of the brain cells.
Active Ingredient: Primidone
Mysoline as known as:

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Ask your doctor if there is an older, more affordable drug that will work for you.

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If you have seizures or have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may need to take drugs on a daily basis. But remember, drug prices change often.

In these cases, losing control of symptoms could have serious consequences, such as seizures or kidney organ transplant rejection. When possible, ask for a generic version to reduce best brand mysoline price cost.

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Paying for your medication can be a burden, but there are actions you can take to keep costs in check. Plus, the price of one drug best mysoline price brand change from one day to the next.

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